The brands

The Autogrill brand was created in 1977 following the merger of three catering divisions: Alemagna, Motta and Pavesi, which were all providers of high quality motorway catering services in Italy. Today it is the core brand of the organisation, uniting its various businesses, and features strongly in the Group's corporate communications.

Brand portfolio

The diversity and wealth of the Group's brands and products are a testament to its unique business model and are one of its greatest strengths. By combining the wide range of food & beverage and travel retail & duty-free formulas with the brands in its portfolio, the Group not only meets but anticipates the needs of consumers, while creating an ideal package for every kind of location and concession agreement.

Autogrill's branding strategy is based on the development of a broad, diversified portfolio of catering and travel retail & duty-free brands appreciated by travellers and landlords alike. The breadth of the offer reflects the geographical and cultural variety of Autogrill's markets and the different consumption patterns across different countries and continents.

The Group's portfolio includes more than 350 international and local brands, both proprietary and under license. Autogrill follows a country-based approach to building its portfolio, including global brands, national chains, and concepts developed internally. It relies on its skills and experience to create innovative formulas in step with the latest trends, while continuing to acquire new licenses to keep the offer fresh and up-to-date.

Autogrill's track record of outperforming market growth and of winning and renewing concessions are solid evidence of its strong brand portfolio - a key success factor for the Group.