Autogrill, more so than many other companies, is a people company. Created and developed to serve travellers, people - whether customers or employees - are central to its success and are its most valuable asset.

Autogrill's great challenge is to share knowledge by designing structured systems that turn people into business professionals. This means creating the conditions and tools to transfer professional content to operational positions within the Group, moving from knowledge possessed by individuals to shared expertise, closing the gap between management and customer-facing staff.

An "Autogrill person" is someone who is focused on the customer, innovative, a team player and an ambassador for the values and ethics that support responsible growth of the business.

Investment in training, valuing diversity as a competitive factor, and the development of skills, career plans and international experience are key elements of the Group's human resource strategy.

Training, from basic to managerial, is a major investment to which nearly four million hours are devoted each year: in the classroom, online, at training centres and on the job. Methods, tools, respect for the individual and an emphasis on the highest standards are the foundation of ongoing courses and orientation programmes for over 70,000 employees and seasonal workers. Diversity - of gender, ethnicity, faith, culture, social status, physical ability, for example, are truly valued by Autogrill. A diverse employee base brings the Group closer to the consumer through the development of concepts, products and services that celebrate local customs and lifestyles in a global context.

The international growth the Group has experienced in recent years has provided an invaluable opportunity for Autogrill people, in terms of a model for integrating new businesses and as a basis for knowledge management and sharing best practices. International development thus complements local development as a foundation for strengthening competencies and creating a unique professional experience.