Food & Beverage

Food and beverageAutogrill first set up food & beverage operations along Italian motorways, expanding into other countries in the second half of the 1990s. The Group developed mainly through acquisitions, soon becoming one of the largest European food & beverage operators, with a presence in the railway channel as well. In 1999, with the acquisition of North American airport and motorway leader HMSHost, Autogrill became the world's number one provider of food & beverage services for travellers. A series of acquisitions and new contracts then strengthened the Group's position, by expanding its presence in geographical areas and channels where it had previously been less active (European airports) and giving it a foothold in new markets (motorways in Eastern Europe).

The food & beverage offerings are geared primarily to domestic travellers and are strongly influenced by the local palate, which is catered for with proprietary and licensed brands. The breadth of the brand portfolio and the ability to develop menus reflecting the local identity of each location is a key competitive advantage. Proprietary brands and recipes prevail in Europe, where cuisine is strongly linked to customs and traditions, while most North American offerings are under license. Autogrill's principal markets are Europe and North America, serving mostly motorways in the former and airports in the latter. In some European countries the Group operates at railway stations, but to a relatively minor extent. There are also food & beverage outlets in other places of transit, such as shopping centres, trade fairs, museums, and high streets.

In North America (United States and Canada), food & beverage is operated by HMSHost, which also serves Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and a number of airports in Asia and the Pacific; in Italy by the Autogrill Italy division, and in other European countries - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the UK, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland - by Autogrill's foreign subsidiaries.

Location Food & Beverage by geographical region

   North America and Pacific region*    Italy    Other countries    Total  
 Motorways  101 374 233 708
 Airports  98 13 27 138
 Railway stations     16 41 57
 Towns      35 3 38
 Shopping malls  17 77 23 117
 Trade fairs     17    17
 Other channels        1 1
 Total   216 532 328 1,076

* Refers to HMSHost activities in North America, in Schiphol airport (The Netherlands) and in some airports in Asia and Pacific region.