Organisational structure

The Group is structured in business units, which control operational levers according to objectives and guidelines defined centrally by the corporate executives of Autogrill S.p.A.

Board of Directors

The Autogrill Group operates almost exclusively in three business segments: catering (“food & beverage” or “F&B”), airport retail (“travel retail & duty-free”), and in-flight catering and retail services for airlines (“in-flight”).
Food & beverage takes place wherever people travel (mostly airports, motorways and railway stations, but other locations as well), with a mainly local or at least domestic clientele. Our offerings strongly reflect the local setting.
To a greater or lesser degree depending on the country and channel, and either separately or in conjunction with food and drink, the F&B Division also sells everyday items (newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, toys) and other food and non-food items as well as fuel.
The operational levers are typically assigned to local organizations that are centralized at the country level.
Travel retail & duty-free has a mainly international clientele, and offers a uniform range and a modest assortment of local products. As a result, the operating structure (marketing, purchasing, etc.) is highly centralized.
After the acquisition of World Duty Free Europe Ltd. and exclusive control of Aldeasa S.A., the Group began to integrate these with the retail Division of Alpha Group Plc., acquired in 2007.
At the end of 2008, the initial phase of integrating activities in the United Kingdom was completed and the international phase of the project was launched. The worldwide integration of this sector will be completed in 2009.
In-Flight is a business based on the production capacity of the individual units and on relations with the airlines. The operating levers are mainly assigned to local organizations, coordinated by the Alpha Flight unit, which offers its services to the world air traffic market.

Thanks to acquisitions over the past two years, Autogrill has expanded its presence to 43 countries:

Business segments


* In 2008 did not trade.

Operations in each country are managed by organizational units, generally affiliated with the companies the Group has acquired over the years. In this report, the more recently acquired companies involved in the integration process are referred to in abbreviated form:

  • Aldeasa: the operations of Aldeasa S.A. and its subsidiaries;
  • World Duty Free: the operations of World Duty Free Europe Ltd. and the travel retail & duty-free business formerly conducted by Alpha Group Plc. in the United Kingdom;
  • Alpha Flight: the in-flight activities of Alpha Group Plc.